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5 Things To Expect on WWE Monday Night Raw 3/30/15

WrestleMania 31 is in the books. Just speaking from a guy who gets to cover professional wrestling for a living and also is a lifelong fan, this was probably the best the show i've ever attended with the expection of the 2011 Money in the Bank PPV! I had a blast last night at Levi's Stadium and I was probably the only guy on the site here who was geniunely excited for this show because I knew this show was going to be good. Welcome to this week's WWE Monday Night Raw Preview! The Raw's after WrestleMania have always been super anticipated and here's five things at least you can expect to see on tonight's show. Also I'll give you a demo of the match-card for Extreme Rules since it's going to be in my hometown in Chicago and it's my gift to you guys. 

1.) The Future is now the Present?

Nobody perfects pulling the strings better than the WWE! We had just about 4-5 months of whining and complaining about whether Brock was going to leave the WWE or Roman Reigns winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The match itself was really good and Reigns showed alot of heart and that Samoan toughness. Brock was a beast Suplex City was in full effect. Just as you thought Reigns was going to win out comes Seth Rollins and I didn't know how to react at that moment because I didn't know you can cash in during matches. So I was marking out with everybody and Seth Rollins who started in Chicago at AAW won the WWE World Title in the main event of WrestleMania and made history. As far as tonight is concern for what it's worth I know that Rollins was going to be on Today show, so maybe he goes to Stamford and then he cuts his promo's via satellite especially with Lesnar and Reigns seeking revenge on Rollins. For all it's worth maybe Rollins is at the building. We have Extreme Rules coming up and here's the question will Brock fight at the show? How will Reigns get back in the title picture? All good questions, but eventually I think we do see a triple threat match for the title at Extreme Rules.

2.) John Cena/Rusev Aftermath 

Just wanted to give my thoughts from the live event experience during this match at WrestleMania. The Rusev entrance really really cool. I fit perfectly for his character I remember saying "WHAT A HEEL" as he was coming down to the ring. The video package for John Cena was pretty good and once again WWE fans don't fail to dissappoint as Mr. America comes to the ring the song of "John Cena Sucks" grace upon Levi's Stadium. I thought the match was good and obviously for business purposes it made sense for Cena to win the United States Championship. Will it last long? That's the question and with Lana taking bump last night most likely will be written off TV for awhile. Where does Rusev go from here? I'm expecting tonight that there will be a segment with Cena and Rusev and eventually you see Rusev dominate Cena and then we'll see either a "I Quit" Match or a Last Man Standing Match. 

3.) Sting/HHH + Undertaker/Wyatt 

I'll go breif these matches because I'll be hyperlinking the great Review James had earlier today and I will go more in depth with what happen at WrestleMania when I come back on air this Wednesday. I thought the Sting/HHH was awesome. The brawl with the nWo and DX was legendary. It was awesome seeing Shawn Michaels get involved match as well and some people don't know that Sting and Shawn are pretty good friends. It wasn't about who was winning the match it was about putting an end to the Monday Night Wars. For tonight I want to know what happen's next for Triple H? You saw later that night he got laid out by The Rock and Ronda Rousey. Will The Rock be on the show tonight? Will we see The Rock vs Triple H at WrestleMania 32? The Bray Wyatt/Undertaker match was cool and it's always a sentimental moment for me when I get to see The Undertaker perform in person. I don't think Wyatt will be effected by this loss his character is so unique like a Mankind character he could lose a million matches and still be over. I think tonight we either see Sting or The Undertaker go on the mic and try to retire and right at that moment either guy will cut each other off and we'll get Sting and Taker at WrestleMania 32.

4.) YES! Movement in full gear

Daniel Bryan won the Intercontinental Championship in a fun ladder match. He got praised by some of the greatest Intercontinental Champions in history. Bryan does put a big spotlight on that title he's one of the most popular superstars in the WWE and the title matches now mean something. Tonight you can go in many different directions, but for me I think tonight we see Bryan talk about bringing back the prestige to that championship and that he's a fighting champion and he will challenge somebody to come out. Maybe you see Dolph Ziggler or Dean Ambrose. Maybe you see a IC Title match with Daniel Bryan and Bad News Barrett. Or Sheamus comes back and makes his heel turn and we finally get this Bryan/Sheamus program in full gear.

5.) Extreme Rules 2015 Demo Match Card 

1.) WWE Tag Team Championship Match 
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (c) vs. The Lucha Dragons 

2.) WWE United States Championship Match 
John Cena (c) vs. Rusev 

3.) WWE Intercontinental Championship Match 
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Sheamus 

4.) #1 Contenders Match 
Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler 

5.) Goldust vs. Stardust 

6.) The Miz vs. Mizdow 

7.) Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton 

8.) WWE Divas Championship Match 
AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige 

9.) WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match 
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar 

WrestleMania Business News: 

WrestleMania 31 had 5th largest attendance record with 76,976 people packing Levi's Stadium. Mania grossed about $12.6 million dollars which is the highest grossing event in the WWE's history. Also a big announcement today is that's the updated subscripition number's for the WWE Network is up to 1.3 million! Great week of business and great week for the product as a whole heading towards the rest of the year.

For more in depth thoughts about WrestleMania 31 check out James tremendous review.

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Wrestlemania Review: A Night With Some Surprises

I am not sure what this says for the building to big events given how Wrestlemania turned out. I can honestly say heading into the show, I literally had no interest in who won any match. Yet the show turned out to be a great wrestling event. It wasn’t what some people are saying the greatest Wrestlemania ever. It was very good though for the most part. What this show did have going for it was the unexpected that has been lacking in wrestling for years. Ronda Rousey made a surprise appearance with The Rock. The rumor mill had made it clear Rock was going to be there. People also knew Ronda would be there as a fan. In fact, WWE even acknowledged her presence at the show. No one expected her to get in the ring and judo throw Triple H and gently attacked Stephanie’s arm. In a world, that it is hard to keep a secret this had been planned months ago and had the approval of Dana White Ronda’s boss in the UFC.

In addition, the WWE did a pretty good job of booking themselves out of what seemed like a tough situation for their main event. Some had thought that Seth Rollins could have cashed in his Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania. However, no one expected the twist of Seth coming out during the match because it had never happened before. They were able to build Roman Reigns and make him look strong. Brock was not pinned to lose his title. While Seth Rollins the best heel currently on the regular roster, walk away the New World Heavyweight Champion.

If you’re into nostalgia, you were able to see a ton of it in the Sting vs. Triple H match. We had DX and N.W.O get involved in a very over-booked match. Sting got his moment for the people that care about that. He didn’t get the win. In the end, did you really expect Vince McMahon to “put over” the franchise wrestler of the company that tried to run him out of business? Better yet against his own Son-In-Law in Triple H. Even more to the point how many more matches will Triple H have compared to Sting. How much would it mean for Triple H to lose matches to guys like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose Bray Wyatt or other rising talents. If Triple H loses to a guy in his mid-fifties that by the end of that match looked like it. How would this be for his credibility?

The United States and Intercontinental titles have been elevated coming out of this event. The Tag Team Titles and Diva’s Title look fairly week.

Tag Titles were defended on the pre-show and at least Cesaro and Kidd retained. They did have some cool spots but it having two-jobber team’s involved and half of the Uso’s did the match no favors. While the Diva’s title was not defended and the tag-team match with the Bella’s and Paige and A.J did get some time but fell flat. The girls tried hard but it just didn’t come off but at least the girls that can wrestle won with A.J got the champion Nikki Bella tap out.

The Intercontinental Title ladder match was much hyped but for me was a typical ladder match. Some cool spots and a nasty bump for Dean Ambrose that you hope really didn’t get him injured. In the end, the rumored winner Daniel Bryan was in fact the winner. They tried to make this seem a big deal with a cast of hall of famers that held the title was congratulating Daniel backstage. It is still impossible not to see the contrast in the fact Daniel Bryan winning the world title last year and this lesser title this year. I am just glad Bryan made it out of this match injury free.

The WWE went all out to try to make fans cheer John Cena. It was almost like a propaganda film with the entrances for this match. Lana was back and led Russian army men carrying the Russian flag with the Anthem playing. If all that wasn’t enough we had artillery guns firing on the stage and Rusev came in on top of a tank. John Cena was preceded by Republican based U.S propaganda film complete with clips of Ronald Regan, George W. Bush etc and all kinds of typical American images.

Still by the time Cena entered the crowd was singing along to Cena’s theme telling him he sucks. The result of the match was fairly predictable as spoiler alert John Cena wins. I knew this when rumors of this match first surfaced 6 months ago. The match end came with Rusev knocking Lana off the apron as Cena avoided him. Cena became the first man to defeat Rusev. He defended America even though the crowd was pro Russia amazingly, as that sounds. For all the defenders of John Cena I challenge you to defend how he can’t get over in the most patriotic USA USA angle. In any case, he holding the U.S Title does help continue keeping the title strong as Rusev had begun to do. Rusev and Lana seem to be on the rocks but Lana still has a movie to finish so they might not be done. However if they decide to split them it will hurt both in a major way. Rusev needs Lana as much if not more as Savage in his early years needed Elizabeth.  

Oh maybe this was me trying to block it out but Big Show won the Andre Battle Royal. They did pull the trigger on the Miz and Mizdow break-up. They were the other two in the final three.  Show backed out and let Miz and Mizdow fight, as Mizdow eliminated the Miz. They did give Mizdow a decent little chance to eliminate Big Show but eventually failed to do it. While the Miz and Mizdow feud was featured the tension between Big Show and Kane was forgotten.  Ryback was in the final four and had several people eliminated at his hands. The opening spot of the match was fun as the entire battle royal turned on Curtis Axel and literally, body surfed him out of the ring as the first eliminated.

Bray Wyatt and Undertaker likely were most disappointing. Reports that Wyatt had hurt his ankle prior to match seemed legitimate. While the Undertaker looked more mobile than he has in the past few years. He grew out his hair as well and overall looked in better health and shape. This all being stated the fact he likely retires next year in Dallas is a good thing for him and for us, as he really should have retired before now. He did get the win over Wyatt and that might have been an audible with Bray's injury or it may not have been. The response for this match seemed muted as it followed the Rock and Rousey show with the Authority. Fans were pro Taker and got what they wanted. Bray may miss a week or two with his bum ankle that he fought through like a champion. Give full marks to Wyatt for working at less than 100 percent. 

The crowd hated Roman and they loved Brock, which shocked no one. Brock called the majority if not all of this match until Seth came out. It was a good fight and Brock legitimately getting hurt added to the match. He looked a bloody mess by the end. He still gave a beating to Reigns and to his credit, he took it. I really gained respect for Reigns even if that makes me in the minority so be it. He took his medicine and still worked very hard.

The booking to end things was fairly brilliant to use Rollins and Money in the Bank with a unique never before seen cash in. Earlier in the night, Rollins had a great match with Orton that Randy won. Rollins taking an amazing RKO to close that match which seemed forgotten after his stunning cash in to win the title.

In the end a Wrestlemania that I felt little to no investment, it wound up being a pretty great show. I give credit when things are good and this Wrestlemania was good, was worth my time, and kept my attention throughout.    

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Condo On The Moon Podcast: Wrestlemaina Preview

Myself and Chris Walder with your full Wrestlemania 31 preview:

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Condo On The Moon Wrestlemania Bonus Edition

We have an extra special glitter filled bonus podcast for Wrestlemania week. Brock is back and getting paid well. The impact on all based on this. Walder has been converted to an Alexa Bliss fan. While I see Dana Brooke as a possible answer to Ronda Rousey for WWE. In addition we preview the ROH Supercard of Honor IX.

We are back tomorrow with our HUGE Wrestlemania preview. So join us then.

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NXT Report

Only 3 weeks in and we missed an NXT Report. Note it is time to get some staff coming out of Wrestlemania. I won’t bore everyone with week the old news, but have just a few comments on NXT’s first outing to Ohio.

It is clear the vision for NXT has changed or at least expanded to the idea of it being its own unique brand. The test drive in Columbus was a huge success. Crowd was even more jacked than the crazies at Full Sail were and they knew everything and everyone connected to the product.

NXT is getting a show on Friday Night of Mania week at San Jose State University and it will sell out and likely be one of the most talked about things as part of Mania weekend.

As for this week’s show, it was two title matches that we have to see. Alexa Bliss got a count out win and earned a shot at Sasha Banks for her NXT Women’s Title. Bliss did a decent job in the match. Really does a great job with facial expressions to the camera. Her work in ring is still a little bit off in comparison to the top girls like Banks, Charlotte and even Bayley. I still see a bright future for her on the main roster, as she will really appeal to the kids. She will also appeal to the adult males and she is very attractive. That is a winning combination. She predictably came up short falling prey to the Banks Statement the finishing submission hold of Sasha Banks. Stone Cold would approve of this finisher as she really locks it on every time. It is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites as far as submission finishers go male or female.

Couple back stage segments one setting up a feud with Bayley and Emma who seems to have gone heel in her return to NXT. In addition, a rubber match between Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami in a two out of three falls match that is booked for next week’s show.

Breeze calling Devin Taylor Barbra Walters based on her simple question was a highlight for me. Taylor seems to be cast in the role once played by Maria now in ROH as the ditsy but loveable backstage reporter. Taylor has the ditsy down but I am not feeling the loveable part at the moment. Maria played that character so well and it is amazing the contrast of that to her current ROH character that is a mean and nasty female valet for The Kingdom.

Kevin Steen as you may have heard had to have a minor knee surgery. The last match he had in the can was his title defense against Finn Balor. These two were given almost half of the show and made use of the time with a fantastic match. Balor sold a leg injury that ultimately led to his demise and Kevin Owens would retain the NXT title via pinfall.

Another note word is that Sami Zayn may also be injured with a shoulder injury of some sort. There is no real info on it, as the injury hasn’t been a part of storylines to this point. The same is true for Owens. Sadly, fans at Mania will miss on seeing Owens and possibly Zayn Wrestle.

Someone will be getting a ticket into the Andre the Giant Battle Royal and will be determined in a tournament going on at Axcess or perhaps on the Friday night show in San Jose. Most people are suggesting Adrian Neville will win and get the chance to appear on Mania.

I think that would be a bad debut for him in terms of his finisher being from the top rope and this being a Battle Royal. The two don’t make for a happy marriage. Neville I see more than any of the other top NXT male stars having a hard time getting over on the main roster. Vince McMahon is likely to see his negatives more than his positives and that could spell doom for him. Triple H is a huge supporter though so maybe he can help Neville survive in the land of the sharks on the main roster at least at first.

Lastly, there has been a lot of talk of how you change the Diva’s Division and make it into something different. Aside from cutting the dead weight, like the Bellas and the other non-wrestling chicks out of the picture there could be another way too eventually.

Most will say that Charlotte is where this goes next but it isn’t where this is heading. No doubt, Charlotte will be a success but given her ties to Ric Flair being his daughter she is not the answer on here own to change the divas back to women.

Dana Brooke is being teased as debuting soon in NXT. Assuming she is capable in the ring, I have an idea that is long overdue for the Diva’s Division. UFC has Ronda Rousey and she is not going to be wrestling anytime soon in a WWE ring. Brock maybe back but the UFC’s number one draw is not stepping in a WWE Ring to fight.

I purpose you make Brooke into a Ronda Rousey like smashing machine. She is attractive like Rousey and is a fitness model and body builder. So, she has the look to be that attractive ass kicker. Only question is how quickly she can get good in the ring. You could book her in a way to protect her much as they have with Baron Corbin at first. Like the real Rousey, have her come out and just maul he competition. Hell on the main roster she can be part of the authority and make her Stephanie’s response to the Give Diva’s a Chance Movement. If A.J Lee is not sticking around have this girl debut taking out A.J and putting her into a wrestling retirement.

It could work and the WWE’s most successful Women’s Champion started as a fitness model that wasn’t the greatest wrestler in the world. Her name is Trish Stratus and she is the Ric Flair of Women’s wrestling with nine Championship reigns the most by any women in WWE.

Hell if some day the real Ronda comes maybe you have the biggest women’s match ever. It is just a thought of where they could go with Dana Brooke. Now can she do that Rousey ring walk death stare? I have no idea. Nevertheless, this is a gimmick that fits her well. If she can’t do an armbar have Chris Jericho teach her it was one of his 1004 moves in his great feud with Dean Melenko back in WCW.

That is it for NXT. Don’t forget later today a special edition of Condo on the Moon Podcast talking Brock re-signing and previewing the ROH show tomorrow in Cali with Walder and myself.   

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Brock Is Back So Now What?

Brock Lesnar kicked off Wrestlemania week with a bombshell going on ESPN to announce he is retired from MMA and had re-signed the night before with WWE. He stated that Vince McMahon made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Some interesting things he stated were that he had been training for MMA for the last two months. He claimed his appearance at the Rousey fight in L.A was to be back in the UFC environment.  He also said he has been struggling with this decision for about a year. He had a bad taste in his mouth, in regards to how his career ended in MMA with UFC as a fighter. He went out on a losing streak and was dealing with recovering from diverticulitis. In the end, he felt that returning to the WWE and retiring from MMA was the best choice to make for his family.

Brock still hates to travel and by his comments it appears he has resigned for the same or similar part-time schedule. He also stated that he is the only one that gets to work part-time hours for full-time pay.  Which makes you wonder how wise this was for WWE given their new finically reality with the WWE Network.

While Brock claimed ignorance to angling for this deal with WWE that seems hard to believe. In fact, you can go back far before his latest moves with showing up at UFC to him playing the UFC and WWE against one another. I recall Paul Heyman doing an interview with Ariel Helwani noted MMA journalist that Brock would still watch UFC fights and tell Heyman that he could beat this guy and that guy. The subtle seeds had been planted about Brock having interest in returning. Heyman is back in the WWE based completely on his friendship with Lesnar. He would never say anything without the blessing of Brock in such a public setting. Heyman would never speak about C.M Punk’s issues prior to Punk making his reasons for leaving public. Punk also is close with Heyman and the loyalty Heyman shows has been shown in this situation as well.

While having Brock back will be seen as the big story in reality the fact this will almost guarantee Heyman’s presence on television is an even bigger deal for WWE. He has been an MVP for this company in the last year with his tremendous promos in selling angles and matches tied to Lesnar and others in the last year. He single handedly sold the Lesnar vs. Taker match a year ago. He was the driving force in selling the Lesnar against John Cena match at Summerslam and the re-match between the two.

In the end, Brock can say what he likes. He played this situation perfectly to be paid. He claims to enjoy wrestling in the ring and his just not a fan of travel. This is consistent to why he left originally to try out for the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL. Still to me, he will always be a mercenary that is out to be paid and is not necessarily a fan of the business. He is when it is convent to be and isn’t when it is not in his best interest to be. Bottom line Brock Lesnar is not a mark for the business he is a mark for himself at whatever he does.

The biggest loser in all of this likely will be Roman Reigns, as he now likely seems to be the odd man out. The chosen one to take the title from Lesnar now likely will not. Most felt that if Lesnar would be under contract prior to Sunday he likely will retain his title. This of course remains to be seen but seems highly likely and ultimately turn Lesnar officially babyface and have him continue his run with the title.

Even worse, a program he could have had, as a heel champion with The Rock likely now becomes The Rock against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32 in AT&T Stadium. A program with Roman against his more famous cousin would have been a great thing for Reigns getting to another level as an attraction.

WWE can now breathe easy and can do what is BEST FOR BUSINESS if they want too. It isn’t to say they will mind you, as Lesnar in reality doesn’t care if he wins or loses on Sunday as much as he does that the check clears the bank for showing up.

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5 Things To Expect on WWE Monday Night Raw 3/23/15

How's thing going? Welcome to the final Raw preview before WrestleMania 31! It's been a fun ride getting to do these previews during this crazy road to WrestleMania. Alot of people say that the build towards WrestleMania has been lackluster, but I disagree because, more people are talking about this WrestleMania then they did for the 30th Anniversary of WrestleMania. Whether good or bad or indifferent people are talking and amongst all these "controversies" brings a high level on intrigued not only on tonight's Raw, but also WrestleMania this Sunday. I'll be in San Jose this weekend love meet to some of the fans of the Condo On The Moon website and podcast. Tonight on Raw we have a couple special guest since Raw is at the Staples Center tonight which should bring a interesting crowd instead of the past three go-home shows that were in Washington and Atlanta. Snoop Doog will be making a guest appearance and also ESPN and Grantland founder Bill Simmons will be calling some matches tonight. So with that here's five things to expect on the final Raw before WrestleMania. 

1.) Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar


I will be sharing the comments that Brock Lesnar made from last week's Raw. Speaking of last week's Raw, Paul Heyman once again continues to blow us away with his ability to out do himself in his promos. I've been so bored with the whole Roman Reigns bashing or whatever you want to call this backlash towards him. It is what it is the main event is set and unlike other people I'm going to give you a look as to what they can do to make this match interesting. Tonight on Raw there's supposed to be a face-to-face segment between both the champion and the challenger. I'm figuring that this will close the show tonight or at least it should, but I wouldn't be surprised if they want this segment to start off the second or third hour's of the show. Anyways, I guess one of the only problems I've had so far with the presentation of Roman Reigns since he's came back from his injury is that we've not been given a solid reason to have a emotional investment in anything Roman Reigns. What do I mean by that? Well, WWE can say "Oh look at this guy, he has the look, he's from one of the greatest families in the wrestling business" Okay I know that, but how is Roman going to make himself standout from his other family members if he's not allowed to speak for himself. You constantly see people cutting him off when he starts talking then they start putting him over and kissing his ass. I like Roman Reigns don't get me wrong I want him to succeed, but if Roman's going to be the "next guy" you have make the fans care about him and drive away the John Cena stigma that's attached to him. Tonight on Raw It shouldn't be about Reigns talking to Paul, you should see Roman talk to Brock. We'll hear what Heyman has to say that's a given and then if a brawl happens and they want to go with this Reigns can't beat Lesnar campaign, then you have Brock lay him out with a F5! Also a wild card I think if it's possible and if he's there maybe The Rock shows up on Raw, but still even then you can have Reigns sidetracked then Brock lays out The Rock afront of Reigns and that can play off to the "rumored" main event of next year's WrestleMania "Brock Lesnar vs The Rock" Tonight is very important for this feud. You want to gain the heat and anticipation for this PPV and this match alone? You have to get the crowd off their feet and WWE is lucky they have a great crowd afront of them.

2.) Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

I guess one of the benefits that comes with having "part-timers" associated with major matches on a WrestleMania card is that with Raw you can pay attention to feuds that usuallly wouldn't been given the time its deserved. You have one of the simplest feuds in the WWE right now and it's really interesting that the Orton & Rollins storyline has been dominating the Raw's on the road to WrestleMania. Which is cool for Rollins because he's getting more and more practice to succeed on high pressure situations especially like a main event segment when a major PPV is coming up. Last week Rollins seemed to be "dismissed" by The Authority, but that didn't last long when Rollins and Authority tricked Orton and that plan was haulted by Sting! On SmackDown JJ Security had a group of security men and women to keep Randy Orton out of the building. That didn't work out and Orton has been on a RKO spree over the last couple of weeks. While Rollins continues to run away it does remind you of the feud with Punk and Orton from WrestleMania 27, but on a higher scale due to the fact that both of these guys were associated with each other with The Authority for over 5 months last year. Tonight should be interesting just to see if Orton is going to be in a match or not. Will Rollins wrestle? I think tonight you'll see Orton be put in a handicap match wtih Big Show & Kane. Orton will win and then all the Authority will come in and attack Randy Orton and just as Orton takes all the guys out Rollins comes from behind with the briefcase hits him in the back of the head and then gives Orton a Curb Stomp! You put Orton in a vunderable situation and you also put Rollins over on a major show before Mania. Have to give Rollins and Orton a big round of applause for carrying major segments of Raw over the last couple of weeks.

3.) John Cena vs. Rusev

Not even going to give that fake Russian Lawyer any attention in this piece. There's no reason to have one of your best on-air personalities shooting a movie during the road to WrestleMania it's just dumb and not necessary. For what Rusev and John Cena said to each other I enjoyed. Like I've said before not a John Cena fan, but I have alot of respect for him and he's been more enjoyable to watch over the last couple of weeks and I'm not afraid to say that. His promos have been fantastic and this is a simple feud with a simple opponent and that's not taking a dig at Rusev it's showing that less is more. Rusev has been doing a tremendous job as a heel especially with him talking more and getting heat by himself. I'm going to share the interview that John Cena conducted with Michael Cole and I want you guys to listen closely to what he says. What I like about this feud is that I don't know what happens next for John Cena. There's so many options to go with this feud and if John Cena loses maybe we don't see John Cena for awhile. Tonight I think we see Cena get the best of Rusev and hold up the United States Championship. I hope Lana is on the show she's a major assett to Rusev character development and you don't see that from other managers unless your name is Paul Heyman and that's saying something. 

4.) The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt + Triple H vs Sting 

It was nice seeing Sting on Raw last week and getting to talk to the WWE Universe. I mention last week we need more to this Triple H and Sting feud. I'm happy he's here and he's my favorite non WWE Superstar of all-time. What's coming out of this Triple H/Sting match? Sting says that he's here to take Hunter down, but if he beats him at WrestleMania and Hunter is on Raw the next night did he really do anything? I heard reports about Sting being in Los Angeles for tonight's Raw and I think he should be there. Tonight I think we do see a in-ring segment with Triple H and Sting and Sting will probably challenge Hunter for his "Authority" in the WWE. I think it would be really interesting if Vince came out on the show tonight and say that "I was the guy that brought Sting to the WWE and you've let me down and I told you to fix this and you didn't so I had to do it myself" BOOM!!!!!!! After that I think it would be important to have Hunter one up Sting before their match at Mania. As far as the Taker/Wyatt match goes I've been really impressed with Bray Wyatt no matter what happens in this match I think Wyatt will be elevated! Tonight is the last night to fight off the rumor that the WWE is holding Taker off until the PPV! I think it would be right to decision to hold Taker from appearing in person, but that doesn't mean you can't have Taker conduct a pre-tape video package where he talks about moving on from losing The Streak and he can talks about his feelings toward Bray Wyatt. They could go big on the hocus pocus stuff especially being at the Staples Center. I'm really interested in seeing what they do with Wyatt on the show tonight.

5.) IC Title + Mania Mid-Card feuds plus Raw matches 

I've been loving what they've been doing with the build towards this Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match. The gaunlet match from SmackDown was one of the best matches I've seen this year and it crazy to think they've been spending an average 30-35 minutes of TV time on the IC Title feud. As far as tonight is concern here's the following the matches that you can see on the show tonight. I think we Daniel Bryan vs Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper, and R-Truth vs Stardust and you have Bad News Barrett on the commentary! Tonight you'll probably see AJ Lee vs Brie Bella or you can do this and you can have a Divas Title match between Paige and Nikki Bella and then you have Paige win and after the match you can have The Bella Twins snap and say that they've had enough of diva's like you and being constatnly disrespected by the crowd. After that they can say if you guys beat us we're gone from the WWE for good. We'll probably see more names added to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and then obviously for the Tag Team Championship feud you can see Los Matadores and Cesaro/Tyson Kidd vs The Usos and The New Day. 

Before we head out here I wanted to congratulations to Kevin Nash becoming the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame well deserved. This will probably be my last time on the site before the big show so I wanted to put my predictions for the show.

1.) Dean Ambrose wins the Ladder Match and becomes the new Intercontinental Champion after Sheamus cost Bryan the Ladder Match 

2.) Randy Orton over Seth Rollins 

3.) Cesaro & Kidd retain the Tag Team Championship 

4.) The Miz wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal 

5.) AJ Lee & Paige over The Bella Twins 

6.) Sting over Triple H 

7.) Wyatt over Taker

8.) Rusev retains the United States Championship 

9.) Roman Reings wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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